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DDL-00100 Doorstop with Leash

$11.99 each
$11.39 per unit for buying at least 25
$10.79 per unit for buying at least 50
$10.55 per unit for buying at least 75
$10.31 per unit for buying at least 100



Model: DDL-00100
2 1/4 W x 1 1/2 H x 5 1/4 L

At home...
Your Door Doggie™ will:

- keep the kitchen door open while you carry in groceries, furniture, shopping bags, etc.
- guard your exterior doors while you sleep.
- ease your aching back with "no stooping" retrieval.
- offer you privacy in any room with an inward-opening door.

At the office...
your Door Doggie™ will:

- hold open spring-loaded doors while ventilation or togetherness is what you need.
- keep everyone out when you need isolation.

When you travel...
your Door Doggie™ will:

- hold the door while you move your luggage in and out.
- add a measure of security.

Door Doggie™ is trained:

- not to shed.
- to eat nothing.
- to stay put when you go in and out.
- to retrieve itself. (no stooping!)

The Door Doggie™ doorstop will hold heavy spring-loaded metal doors. Perfect for hotels - motels - schools - office - or home.

Instructions for use - Video Coming Soon!
1. Holding the leash, lower the wedge to the floor beside the open door.
2. Use your foot to position the tip of the wedge under the door.
3. Pull the door onto the wedge while holding the wedge in place with your foot.
4. To remove, push the door off the wedge. DO NOT PULL ON THE LEASH.
5. Use the leash to lift the wedge.
6. Hang on a nearby wall hook (not included) OR take it with you.

Also available in a bumper model with a stainless steel place for permanent installation. (DDB 00200) and "wedge only" model (DDS 00300)

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