The Door Doggie™ door stop is a heavy-duty, solid wedge that is attached to a dog leash.

It holds doors with bottom edges positioned up to 1½ inches off the floor. It grips the bottom of the door without collapsing, and it holds heavy doors without sliding across the floor.

By holding the leash, the wedge can be lowered in place without having to stoop or put down whatever is being held in the arms. (No stooping!)

The handle of the leash hangs over the door knob. The wedge can then be easily retrieved (again without stooping) and the wedge will not be inadvertently kicked out of place and lost. (No searching!) No searching around for the wedge, and no searching around for something else to stuff under the door.

Since the Door DoggieTM door wedge is attached to a leash and does hold heavy doors, it was named for the tenth noun entry under the word "dog" in the American Heritage Dictionary, version 3.0.1, 1993, which defines dog as "any of various...devices used for gripping or holding heavy objects."

  • Do you have any more innovative ideas to make life easier?

I'm a contractor, so most of my "making life easier" ideas have to do with construction quality and efficiency, i.e. better ladder jacks, better jigs for trusses, etc.

I'm also a golfer, so some ideas have to do with portable club/ball washer mounts for bags and carts, better cart seats, etc.

Some of my ideas have been marketed elsewhere in limited ways, but at the moment I am concentrating on finding the best ways to let more people know about the amazingly simple, yet infinitely better quality Door DoggieTM door wedge. It's a simple concept that many people might think not worth bothering with, but my arthritic mother and many, many hotel/motel maids would disagree. So!...

My current "making life easier" offering to you, besides the Door Doggie,TM is a series of "Lighten-Up" photos and sayings, encountered on the various social media sites, that I think deserve more attention. In offering them here to you, unless specifically noted they are all borrowed from other sources. Here's some food for thought:

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