DDB-00200 Doorstop/Bumper

doorbumper3DDB-00200 Doorstop/BumperDDB-00200 Doorstop/BumperDDB-00200 Doorstop/BumperDDB-00200 Doorstop/BumperDDB-00200 Doorstop/Bumper
$12.99 each
$12.34 per unit for buying at least 25
$11.69 per unit for buying at least 50
$11.43 per unit for buying at least 75
$11.17 per unit for buying at least 100


Model: DDB-00200
2 1/4 W x 1 1/2 H x 5 1/4 L

Instructions for use
1. Holding the chain, lower the wedge to the floor beside the open door.
2. Use your foot to position the tip of the wedge under the door.
3. Pull the door onto the wedge while holding the wedge in place with your foot.
4. To remove, push the door off the wedge. DO NOT PULL ON THE CHAIN.
5. Use the chain to lift the wedge.
6. Insert the thick end of the wedge into the stainless steel holder. (see picture on front of card insert)

Instructions for Bumper Model Installation
1. Position the metal place on the wall behind the door so that it lines up with the door knob. Attach the plate to the wall with screws (not included).
2. If you prefer to attach the metal place to the door itself - as with exterior doors that open to the outside - be sure to position the plate first with the wedge in the holder to make sure it does not interfere with the door knob.
3. The metal place can be attached to the wall or door with double-sided foam adhesive (not included).

Packaged separately with instruction card insert.

Your Door Doggie™ door stop retrieves itself! It stores neatly and conveniently in the stainless steel holder when not in use.